Employee using a Discover Debit card on a mobile payment device.
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Now's the Time for Debit Expertise

With the ever-growing list of pressures financial institutions are facing (shrinking interchange, intense competitive, fraud, just to name a few) now’s the time to team up with the debit experts at PULSE.

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Payment Solutions Designed Specifically for You.

Other major networks focus on what’s best for themselves. We believe there is a better way. We're uniquely structured to adapt to your needs. That’s what sets PULSE apart.

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More Than 35 Years of Expertise in Debit.

Throughout our history, we’ve stood at the forefront of the debit industry. We were the first to give financial institutions alternatives to Visa and Mastercard.

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We Work in Favor of Your Best Interests.

We deliver alternatives that may help you attain higher revenues and lower costs, while genuinely caring about your business, your customers and your community.

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We Live and Breathe Debit.

We make sure you’re reaping the rewards from competitive interchange, help you detect fraud and help you grow your customer base.

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