Driving Brand Loyalty in the
Experience Economy

How are the lives of your clients and communities being enriched through the experiences they have with your bank?

While marketing used to be about the four Ps – product, price, place and promotion – marketing today is about solving consumer problems through engaging and meaningful experiences at every step of the consumer journey.

Download Your CX Guide to learn how modern marketing converges at the intersection of brand experience, design experience and user experience to solve consumer problems and build brand equity. It’s no longer enough for a bank to be just a bank. To be successful, you have to stand out to engender customer loyalty by delivering exceptional experiences.


Employee using a Discover Debit card on a mobile payment device.


Steve Sievert is Executive Vice President of Marketing and Brand Communications for PULSE. Since joining PULSE in 2007, Steve has leveraged the full breadth of marketing and communication channels to help the company grow and strengthen relationships with core stakeholders. He brings a unique blend of strategic, creative and quantitative abilities to his work, utilizing current and emerging methods and technologies, including content strategy, engagement marketing and data analytics.